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6 Best Positions For Mirror Sex

Looking for new ways to turn up the heat in the bedroom during a booking brussels hookers? You should absolutely try mirror sex. It’s going to be one of the most exciting things to do for both you and your client. Why? Easy: you get a full view of you and your partner’s faces and genitalia all the way from the start of the action to the exciting climax.

What position is ideal for some wild and fun mirror sex? Take a look below to find out.

1. Standing up

Are you tired of fooling around with a customer in bed? Take it to the next level by doing it in front of the mirror. Standing sex is, for lack of better words, mind-blowingly good. Especially if you like to see how you react while the guy or girl you’re with penetrates you. Look over their shoulder while that happens, and you’ll feel even more turned on.

Remember a little tip before you experiment with this position: press your back against the mirror and feel its cool surface on your hot body. This combo will make the experience loads more exciting.

2. Oral shenanigans

Love giving head? Then you’ll definitely like blowing your client with a mirror around. Plus, it’s a great foreplay idea. And the guy you suck off won’t be able to stop watching as your mouth and tongue work wonders on his penis. Not only will he have something good to look at, you’ll also get to see how you look like when you’re going down on him.

Can you imagine how hot it’s going to be? Our recommendation is to speed things up with his dick, but if he’s OK with it. He’s probably had lots of fantasies involving porn actresses blowing him at breakneck speed, so why not fulfill that desire of his?

3. Reverse cowgirl

The traditional cowgirl position is a very popular one, and rightfully so. Reverse cowgirl is even more amazing when there’s a mirror involved.

On its own, this position isn’t ideal in case you wish to look at your date’s face when they’re in the throes of passion. Which is why you need to do this: turn your bodies to the side so that the mirror shows you bouncing on his penis; or him thrusting hard and fast. It will be quite a sight to behold and will make pleasure tons more intense!

4. Do it like a missionary

Place a mirror on the ceiling and keep another one in front of your bed. While your client is on top, both of you will see what the other is doing. You will have to arch your back slightly since your head will be hanging over the bed’s edge. Which translates to a better penetration angle. Why? Simple: his dick is going to rub directly on your G-spot. The result? Pure bliss.

5. Girl on top

Remember that mirror in front of your bed we mentioned? Get on top of your customer and start grinding. Watch yourself in the mirror as you go up and down his cock and look at his reaction. Adjust yourself as needed depending on that, and very soon you’ll moan in unison with him.

6. Doggy style

Getting in some action from behind is a favorite among many male and female escorts. But doggy style in front of the mirror is a whole new level of awesomeness. Both of you will see everything as it happens. Go as deep and as fast as you feel comfortable with and watch yourself and your date gasping from pleasure. It will be the best kind of climax you’ve ever experienced.

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